Jutten op AmelandSmall agricultural activities and beach-combing were important to survive in the old days and therefor represent the traditional way of living. The museum exhibits both.

At the entrance every visitor receives a brochure with further information. This information can also be retrieved inside the museum by scanning the so-called QR-codes.

The beach-combing part of the museum is fully renewed. Be invited to explore this remarkable scenery of the past and become familiar with the Ameland customs and traditions in an interactive way. Meet the poacher, the fisherman and the beach-comber that once upon a time roamed over the island and become enchanted by the many special island tales. Also meet the creepy old woman ‘Ritske Mooi’ and hear her story or enter into a real storm. Very special is the story of the little survivors of a wrecked ship that decided to stay. Ritske Mooi Ameland

Landbouw juttersmuseum Swartwoude

Apart from the fascinating exhibits in the beach-combing part, the museum consists of a real island farm. Explore the life on this farm  and every aspect it has. Husbandry animals move freely over the farm and make a visit highly attractive, especially for the younger visitors.

The museum is situated in Buren. As soon as you enter the village coming from Nes look on you left hand site.